GET /api/site/:SITE_ID/idea/ list all ideas

POST /api/site/:SITE_ID/idea/ create an idea

GET /api/site/:SITE_ID/idea/:IDEA_ID view one idea

PUT /api/site/:SITE_ID/idea/:IDEA_ID update one idea

DELETE /api/site/:SITE_ID/idea/:IDEA_ID delete one idea

GET request are public, POST are only accessible to owners or moderators.

To include more data there are a few get parameters available:

selectRunning includeArguments includePosterImage includeUser includeVoteCount includeUserVote


Ideas contain an extraData field for dynamic data that changes per site. The allowed values are configurable per site (it's own rest object)

Supported field types: boolean int string arrayOfStrings enum object

Object is a special case; it requires a subset of definitions (see example). These will be checked recursively.

Removing fields is done by sending them with value null.


In old versions ist wasn't required to define the extraData values in the site configuration, therefore by default the check is not made at the moment. However extraDataMustBeDefined: true forces the validation, and will soon be the default.

Example configuration

  "config": {
    "ideas": {
      "extraData": {
        "zomaar": {
          "type": "object",
          "subset": {
            "zomaar sub1": {
              "type": "string",
              "allowNull": true
            "zomaar sub2": {
              "type": "boolean",
              "allowNull": true
          "allowNull": false
        "images": {
          "type": "arrayOfStrings",
          "allowNull": true
        "gebied": {
          "type": "enum",
          "values": [
            "Bos en Lommer",
            "De Baarsjes",
            "West Algemeen"
          "allowNull": false,

Example data:

  "extraData": {
    "zomaar": {
      "zomaar sub1": "Boe",
      "zomaar sub2": true
    "gebied": "De Baarsjes",
    "images": [

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