Pagination and search


All REST routes have pagination if the correct GET parameters are added to the URL on all GET list routes: Site, Idea, Article, Newslettersignup, Argument, Submission & Vote. The heavy lifting is done by express middleware.

Pagination parameters

If a query param page is used the results will be returned in pages. Optionally a param pageSize can be used; this defaults to 20.

The results will than be extended with some metadata:

  "metadata": {
    "page": 3,
    "pageSize": 20,
    "pageCount": 6,
    "totalCount": 118,
    "links": {
      "self": "/api/site/18/idea?page=3",
      "first": "/api/site/18/idea?page=0",
      "last": "/api/site/18/idea?page=5",
      "previous": "/api/site/18/idea?page=2",
      "next": "/api/site/18/idea?page=4"
  "records": [
    ... the results

Pagination is done in the database query. A request for 20 records from a table with 100000 should be fast.


Search does not use the query because fuzzy SQL does not/hardly exist. Search will therefore be done on the results: it will fetch all 100000 records and search those in JS.

Pagination can than only be done after the searching of course, so this might be quite expensive.

Search requests are created with the query param search:


An npm module like ns will create an url like this form a nested js object.

  "criteria": [
      "text": "openstad"
      "title": "goed idee"
  "options": {
    "andOr": "and"

Currently searches are recognized for title, summary en description. The value text will search in all three of these.

andOr should be self explanatory.

It may seem like overkill, but this way it should be really simple to add new ways of searching.

Searching itself is done by a module fuzzysort. This module adds scores to found values. The results are sorted on this score; a hardcoded arbitrary minimum value determines if a result is included.

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